Saturday, September 30, 2006


One thing that interests me a lot is AOP, I can definitely see the benefits but so far I haven't had time to try it out.
Has anyone out there used it successfully on a real project and how did it affect the complexity of the codebase and performance?

So far I haven't had a good reason to try something like Spring.NET out but I'm hopeful that I will soon. I'm also looking foward to the Aspect Oriented Refactoring book

One project that also looks interesting is:

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  1. Im also quite intrigued by AOP although I havent used it either. Im not convinced whether it's a Good Thing or just a Cool Thing.

    Dotspect does look interesting because of its BSD license. The only other .NET static weaver I know of is AspectDNG, and that's GPL.

    From my brief experience with AspectDNG, the documentation is pretty much vestigial, another reason to take a closer look at dotspect.

  2. Ahh ok, hadn't thought of licencing.

    I think I made try and look at adding some coding time to Dotspect as if we could use it I think it would make a big difference to how we code things.

    And yes I don't know yet if its good or just cool. Its the same with something like Spring.NET, the coolness draws me in but the added complexity pushes me away.