Saturday, October 07, 2006

VSMDI Files - Continued buginess

One things really bugs me with VSTS is the VSMDI file, it causes all sorts of issues which I've now started reporting to Microsoft.

One of the most annoying issues is that you sometimes get multiple VSMDI files.

Now I'll admit that I was worried about reporting some of the bugs because they're intermittent and I haven't got reliable steps but in the case of this one I found lots of posts on the Web relating to similiar problems so I was sure it was worth reporting.

Microsofts response was to mark it as non-reproducible. Well yes, fair enough, but if quite a few of your customers are reporting it then why not leave it open and just wait till someone gets repro steps?

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  1. lisavs9:14 pm

    Sure reproduces for me. We are up to 7 in our solution, no end in sight.

  2. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Still occuring in VS2008 (as of 07/02/08).

    I think it can be consistently reproduced by starting up VS2008 with a solution that has the "Test List Editor" already opened.

    My observation is that this causes VS2008 to scan the solution for all Unit Tests and build a new VSMDI. The new VSMDI saved to disk later and then the SLN file is also updated.

    That last part is the "Breaking" issue, since a large development team will have issues with continuous attempts to checkout the solution.