Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Brian Buttons blog had a link to an excellent video on BDD by Dave Astels.

I wasn't familiar with the term but I really enjoyed Astels book on TDD so hearing about BDD very interesting. BDD just seems to be refocusing on doing TDD as it was supposed to be done. I have a few issues with the idea though:

  1. We already have a lot of acronyms, I'm not entirely sure a new one will help especially because the difference between TDD and BDD is quite subtle.
  2. TDD serves several purposes, one of which is testing. Sure its testing the contracts but the tests themselves are very useful when you redesign and refactor.

I definitely agree with a lot of it, especially things like Should/Can based test naming and not mapping your test classes one to one with the classes being tested.

Having said that its a big step from doing TDD well to coming up with a completely different concept, anyway the video itself is superb.

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