Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Articles - DDD/NHibernate/Resharper

These ports aren't necessarily new but I did find them interesting:

  • Getter Eradicator - Anything Martin Fowler writes is worth reading but this one in particular is good. I've tried reading Holubs patterns book but the bit at the start about encapsulation annoyed me enough that I stopped, as this article makes clear layering and the need to keep things that change together together (SRP) sometimes do affect the way you design meaning you do want to have getters.
  • Don't Build Domain Objects That Can't - I agree with almost all of this and thought it was a good summary.
  • Smart DTO - We don't use this approach but its always an option.

  • Fetching Strategies - Udi blogged about this a while back and has now provided more details.

  • Resharper - I'm a basic user but this guide is going to be my savior.

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