Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AOP - Alternatives To PostSharp

Whilst looking at PostSharp I found quite a few useful links and also managed to look at a few alternatives.

Aspect# seemed interesting but it only does virtual members (or interfaces I presume) and its certainly not transparent to the user of the classes as you have to go through an AspectEngine. Anyway no matter how useful it could have been it looks like Aspect# is a dead end and is on the way out.

Other than Aspect# there are a few other choices, Spring.NET has an AOP solution and Eric Bodden has a list of .NET AOP solutions and I'll definitely take a look at some of them, AspectDNG in particular sounds good.

I'll be interested to see if I can find any solution thats as simple as PostSharp Laos or that has such a nice way of supporting compile-time weaving.

Links - PostSharp

  1. Using AOP for validation
  2. PostSharp AOP reference
  3. AOP with PostSharp Part A
  4. AOP with PostSharp Part B
  5. Bitter Coder
  6. DotNetKicks - Not much yet...

Links - AOP

  1. Ayende - 7 Approaches To AOP In .NET
  2. Characterization Of Current Approaches
  3. Spring.NET
  4. Eric Boddens List Of Current Approaches
  5. Wikipedia

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