Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ALT.NET Seattle

Thought I should write up the sessions that I most enjoyed at ALT.NET Seattle, because otherwise I'll forget it all.

Jeremy Miller had a superb session on how he's managed to maintain Structure Map over multiple years, and how focusing on good OOD made it very easy to maintain the code base. Very enjoyable and look forward to reading more about what it's taught him about writing tests that support you well when you do big refactoring/redesign. The best bit was undoubtedly when he was asked what IoC he uses, superb.

Scott Bellware did a session on the context/specification style of BDD which was interesting and reminded me to read his Code magazine article. I like the context/specification approach and it kinda seems like the whole story/scenario based approach has (temporarily?) stalled in the .NET world so it was good to hear about how Scott makes context/specification work. I need to look more about how to write good acceptance tests though because I've never been happy with the results.

Greg Young and others contributed to and organized several excellent session future architectures, videos of two of them are up here and here.

There was also a good discussion of messaging at a .NET scalability session, Dru Sellers providing the expertise and it left me wanting to try out Mass Transit.

There were plenty of other good sessions with interesint contributions, in many cases though I wasn't sure who was contributing (no name tags, argh) so I don't know where to go for more info.

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