Monday, June 30, 2008

Entity Framework Wiki

The EF team have created a Wiki where you can contribute your views on domain model focused development. Definitely a good sign as they are obviously very interested in finding out how we work.

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  1. How does one join the wiki in order to comment? I have tried twice with two different accounts, but it says that I can't comment because I'm not "logged in" which is incorrect because I AM logged in. Any thoughts? Do you have to be invited or approved or something?

  2. Hey,

    Yeah I've had that as well, even though I'm logged in I get the behavior you describe.

    Only work around I've found is to load the page in IE rather than Fire Fox...mind you I'm 100% sure it worked fine in FF3 for a while so I don't really understand what the issue is.

    Hopefully it might work or you too though...

  3. Oh yeah one other thing, did you get the e-mail "Approval to join entities", you have to click on the link in it if you haven't already (can't remember if this is strictly required though).