Thursday, January 22, 2009

P&P - Web Service with REST Application Pattern

It was interesting that all the fuss over Oxite had a positive impact. Unfortunately Microsoft are also now giving us their views on REST (WCF REST starter kit, argh) and more recently REST with a domain model in Two-Tier Service Application Scenario (REST) which J.D. Meier calls the Web Service with REST Application Pattern.

If you understand REST/DDD, or like Fowlers original meanings for his patterns, or believe that "Business Process Objects" with methods like "Promote (object[] data)" could be improved on then you might want to look away now. Come on though I've piqued your interest, have a look, it makes you feel dirty but yet at the same time makes you glad you now realize that perhaps there are other ways to build applications.

Might be interesting to see how this relates to the old design documents MS used to pass out, pretty sure its not that different except resource is now used in some places instead of service. Service + procedural code + database, rock on.

Anyway I'm going to go back to writing my own comments on it to put on the page, its going to take me a while...

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  1. I started to write some comments about the article after seeing your tweet yesterday. Specifically about the vagueness around "REST Entities" aka "Resource Objects" aka "Resources". Then I realized that I don't care if Microsoft don't get REST. I really am not dependent on their tooling to support REST. HttpListener and HttpWebRequest work just fine for me.

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