Saturday, August 12, 2006

DLinq - How it fits into TDD/DDD

For a while theres been a discussion at my company about what way to improve the development of a few applications. The applications are all quite data-driven but some of them will also need to have relatively complex business log in them.

I've only just joined and my joining coincided with the the company starting to use agile development (hurrah), it also coincided with a move to reducing the amount of code written. In particular to avoid writing the boring CRUD code to access the database.

Although its a small team we were split into people who think that, for the less data centric applications, we should use NHibernate/TDD/DDD/OOD and people who want to refactor the database and then use it as the starting point for the object model (using netTiers/CodeSmith to generate everything with a set of "OO" classes on top).

My view was that the NHibernate approach was very strong, it allows good seperation and the creation of a proper domain model. However its been an interesting discussion and I'll be interested to see how Linq fits into it all, though it seems to me it will support the data-centric design approach AND the more behavior (object-oriented) approach.

Time to start playing with DLinq methinks.

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