Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rolling Back After Database Tests - DataRollbackAttribute

If you do a lot of integration testing against a database and find you want to clean up at the end of each test then I highly recommend you look at the DataRollbackAttribute which is discussed in this blog entry.

I particularly like the way the attribute is used, very elegant and works very nicely. You can also modify the attribute to use TransactionScope, NHibernate transactions or whatever you need.

The only slight problem with it is that some of my tests were causing odd DTC errors when I ran them after applying this attribute, however I'm hoping that it will work properly when we move using NHibernate transactions (simply because we'll have a much simpler transaction management scheme than we do now).

Having said that at some stage I need to look at Ndbunit which also seems like it might be useful.

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