Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Interfaces For Domain Classes

Its amazing what you find on the Web, I did a search to see how people handle mocking out dependencies within the domain (for example mocking a Customer when testing an Order) and came upon loads of interesting DDD articles.

The first one covers whether domain classes should use interfaces, I agree with the author and view interfaces as something we should only add when they really add value.

For example if I create an IOrder interface is that really improving my design? It might make mocking easier but in my view its only worth creating the interface if it has been defined for a real client of the class. So if we have multiple types of order, or if we want to break the complex interface of an Order down into multiple seperate (and targeted) interfaces then great. However if it is just so I can use mocking to get in mock orders, or because I believe that interfaces really server as good contracts, na. Not when it complicates the domain so much and hides the places where interfaces really are useful.

As someone correctly says in the comments for the post the need to version interfaces does not necessarily apply to the sorts of interfaces you define in the domain. Sure the interfaces are published, but if you only have 1-3 applications using the interface then surely its easier to change them.

I'm also not 100% sure I agree about intention revealing exceptions. In our case when you ask a domain object if its invalid it will do some validation and return a collection of BrokenDomainRules (or something like that). Inside the collection the rules are intention revealing (e.g. DateIsDuringWeekRule) but the exception that you get when you try to do something without meeting the preconditions (maybe make a state change that the object is not ready for) is just a DomainValidationException. The exception does contain the broken rules though, for me thats enough as its the rules (not the exceptions) that I think are part of the domain language.

Having said all that this is also a good post, pushing for using interfaces in the domain. The truth is I think interfaces are useful if they're cut down and design from the clients perspective, as always.

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