Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ruby On Rails Screencasts

Finally got round to listening to the ruby on rails screencasts. The one about the database migration was very interesting. You have to put up with the noise of the keys on the keyboard being hammered and a bit of sniffing but it is worth it to see how it works.

In general although ruby on rails interests me I'm not going to be giving up on DDD any time soon, I still think viewing your domain model as "wrapping the database" (description on the ruby on rails front page) and using the database as your starting point is in many cases the wrong way to go. We also couldn't use it on the project I am on because database schema changes are going to be expensive/difficult so we want the domain to vary independently from the database (as far as possible). Ruby on rails still interests me but I think so far I agree with the author of this post about ruby one rails being a different mentality from DDD.

The question of learning Ruby the language is more difficult. It is an attractive language and I like the idea of using it for DSL's but I think the author of this post on whether its worth learning another language is spot on, I'll be better served spending time on TDD/OOP/SOA/DDD instead.

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  1. Anonymous7:42 am

    Thanks for the link!! Evan :)

  2. Anonymous4:41 am

    Change is inevitable - it is simply part of the technology industry.

    You can choose to ignore it, but only for so long.

    A superior strategy might be to embrace it.

    I am certain you will prefer Ruby over C# when you try it.

    After all, every Ruby advocate was one a .Net or J2EE developer at one time.

    You should definitely think about how much momentum is needed before you consider switching.

    Think of it like gambling - if you switch now, your payoff will be bigger as an early adopter.

  3. Switching probably isn't an option really, not without also switching job/company.

    I also think you are presuming that Ruby is the future for all development, which seems a bit questionable.