Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Styles Of TDD for your Domain Model

Having read a lot of I'm beginning to understand need-driven development and the effect on design. This has made me want to re-read some old articles:

These are all good posts but I'm coming to the conclusion that there just isn't that much real content out there about how to use interaction testing as a design and testing activity for domain entities/value objects. Seems like a lot of people don't do it and so far the ones that do haven't written that much about it.

The content I have found has semed to be producing designs that I wouldn't be that interested in and although the idea of extracting role interfaces from high level domain entities interests me I can't find any real evidence that people are doing it meaningfully. I'm also not sure that doing it is going to improve the design that much.

Anyway I think for now I'm better focussing my design efforts on traditional DDD activities, whilst keeping an eye on what the BDD/ guys produce.

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