Saturday, January 19, 2008

TypeMock and Design

Roy Osherove has an interesting post on TypeMock/DI and design, it's a response to this post which is also interesting. In turn Jeremy Miller has put up his own response to Roy Osherove.

It's a well discussed topic and I've already put forward my views on it so I won't repeat them here but it is interesting that views on TypeMock are becoming more reasonable as time passes.

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  1. Anonymous8:32 am

    Can you post a link to your views?

  2. They should all be under the label "TypeMock" if thats any use, or I could highlight the most relevant ones I've written.

  3. John McDowall3:56 pm

    Good stuff CJ. I have enjoyed observing the discussion that is going on. It's made me realize that a lot of my objections to TypeMock are on a pureist/snobby level, and not on a practical level, which isn't very helpful. Maybe I like TypeMock now. Or maybe not.

    Have you seen this?

  4. Yeah saw the new one, its good too.

    I guess its all down to how you judge good design and I guess I draw the line on how loosely coupled you need to go differently to some other people.

    Everyone has their own view on this stuff though, and it is interesting to see how other people work.