Tuesday, February 05, 2008

AOP and the Domain - Aspects of Domain Model Management

Finally got round to reading Mats Helanders InfoQ post Aspects of Domain Model Management.

The article is very long, with a lot of content being around hacky solutions to the problems that the author is delaing with (attaching non-business logic to the domain).

I read all of the article but if you get bored you can skip most of the middle bit right up to Using "Aspect Oriented Programming".

The bit on proxies is interesting, if you're using NHibernate then you are already using the Infrastructural Proxy Subclass approach for lazy-loading (and collections) so you should be familiar with it. However trying to use that approach to handle your own requirements is not going to be clean or transparent.

Back to AOP. The author uses his own NAspect framework for run-time AOP however we were thinking of using PostSharp as compile time seemed good enough and it is more transparent. Having to use abstract factory, or just factories, for all object creation just does not appeal though.

The attribute based approach is cool though, and its similiar to the way you attach behavior with PostSharp . All in all I think I'm going to plow on with PostSharp and then see how it goes (as described in my post AOP and the Domain - Dirty Tracking).

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