Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Team System and Agile - Do they go together?

I blogged about this a while ago but we've been trying introduce a user story based requirement process, our user stories would be stored in TFS and the users would access them using the Web Access Power Tool (previously called TeamPlain).

Sounds good, especially as the tool is free. Problem is every single user who wants to use the web portal to access TFS is going to have to have a CAL. I've complained about this before, and even logged a bug with Microsoft about it, but really it doesn't seem like they understand how big a problem this is.

Given the situation I would truly question whether any company should consider using Team System unless they are also prepared to hand over large sums of money to get their users involved. If you decide not to use TFS for artifacts such as user stories then its really just an expensive source control system.

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