Friday, March 21, 2008

Windsor Configuration Files - Fluent Interface

I've been using Windsor on a Windows service for the last couple of weeks and the nastiness of its XML files quickly became a pain.

I don't tend to mind XML too much, for example I think the XML configuration option with NHibernate is pretty good, but Windsor's is just way too wordy and repetitive.

Anyway I had another look at Binsor but having to learn Boo and the DSL itself is hard enough and without IDE support (other than SharpDevelop) I thought it was too much.

Good news is it looks like there is already a fluent interface project for Windsor. You can read about it at Hammett's blog (or in this dev thread), there is also a blog entry about an approach that allows automatically registering services from an assembly. All very good and examples

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  1. I'd encourage you to take a look at the RhinoTools tests before passing on Binsor if you haven't already.
    It took me a bit to 'get' it but there is so much familiar to a .NET dev that I think the friction is low enough to justify learning it. The guys on the dev list for RhinoTools are real helpful too.
    But I also agree, the fluent interface project looks very cool...

  2. Yeah I agree it's nice but I don't think myself (or my colleagues) would really feel happy using it given the constraints.

    To be fair though we don't have huge volumes of Windsor XML mapping, if I did then yeah Binsor would definitely make sense. But since I don't have a lot I might be better waiting for the C# fluent interface.